Shailan & Lauren 06 April, 2018. Venue: The Officers Mess, Fort Takapuna

Our White and Gold Festoons are custom designed and assembled by us. Suitable in light rain conditions only, or preferably indoors or outside covered areas.

Our white and gold festoons are available in 10, 15, 20 and 25m lengths (limited supply). Lengths can be connected together.

We use 25W dimmable warm white clear incandescent bulbs.  Dimmers are not essential, however some people prefer to have the option available for later in the evening.  If the festoons are your only source of light then you won't find a dimmer necessary. Dimmers are available from $20.00. 

Cost: 10m $40.00, 15m $55.00, 20m $65.00, 25m $75.00

An additional one off charge of $25.00 is applied for the RCD safety switch and multi box which we provide with all of our hires and must be used for safety.

(You can also use Edison Filament Bulbs; Tear Drop or Globe shaped which are available in our 10m and 15m lengths only. Cost: 10 metres $80.00, 15 metres $95.00)

White and Gold festoons

White & Gold Festoons