Festoon Lights

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights with edison bulbs

Festoon Lights with Edison Filament Bulbs

First dance under Festoon Lights at the Officers Mess Fort Takapuna.jpg

White and Gold Festoon Lights

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Festoons with Black & Gold Edison Drops

Festoons with Edison Filament drop bulbs

Festoons with Black Edison Drops

white and gold edison drops.jpg

Festoons with White & Gold Edison Drops

8 Light Gold Pendants

8L Gold Pendants

Edison Drop Light Chandelier

Edison Drop Light Chandelier

Two board sizes available with either 6 or 10 Edison Drops

Amber Glass Globe pendant lights

Amber Glass Globe Pendant Lights

empire chandeliers.png

Victorian Empire Chandeliers

Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason Jar Chandelier

6L Edison Bulb Wooden Chandelier

6L Wooden Chandelier


Rose Gold Glass Globe Pendants

Rattan Pendants

Rattan Pendants

birdcage pendant front.jpg

Gold Birdcage Shades

Gold Geo Pendants

Gold Geo Shades

fairy lighting.jpg

Fairy Lights

Festoon Poles

Festoon Poles

Poles extendable 2m to 3m in height. Base removes for ease of travel. Powdercoated steel poles available in either black or white.

Cost: $65.00 each

Love Heart Neon Sign

Love Heart Neon

Make a simple statement with a Love Heart Neon Sign 900mm x 900mm. The Neon Heart can be either be freestanding or hanging. Dimmer option available.

Cost: $150.00